Buy Yourself A Good Time

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I’ve always enjoyed the fantasy of hiring an escort. The thought of just picking a girl out and she’s yours to do with as you wish, with restriction, of course. The entire process of it excites me. I decided to take my curiosity and fantasy a step further and checked out this list of escort sites. You can find any kind of hottie you could ever hope for. 

Feel The Heaven, Adult Search, Skip The Games, Eros Guide, Euro Girls Escort, and Erotic Monkey all made the list. I took things a step further and looked at several of the sites to make sure they were all top quality. From what I can tell they’re all very good. I would use any one of them. The ladies are drop dead gorgeous. Any guy would be lucky to spend five minutes with them regardless of the price. Now, what happens when they go on these dates, I don’t know. I do know if it was me, I’d be trying my best to get a piece of that ass.