When You Need Intimacy

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We all get lonely and horny. It happens. I’m an extremely busy guy. I have a hectic work schedule that requires me to travel quite a bit. I’m never in one place long enough to have a long-term relationship. I’ve attempted long-distance relationships, but it never works out. 

Over the years, I’ve tried several different things to cure my lonely condition. I’ve hit the local strip clubs, watched porn, and even went to bars to pick up chicks for meaningless one night stands. None of these ever had a positive outcome. Stripclubs are expensive and loud. You don’t get to spend enough time with the performers to really talk. Porn lacks the personal touch that I crave and pickup sex just leaves you feeling dirty and guilty the next day. 

I had a coworker ask me why I didn’t just get an escort when I wanted a companion and it wasn’t something I’d ever thought about. I went online to see where to find escorts and couldn’t believe all the options. It’s a wonderful thing to just be able to order a partner whenever you want one.